You might say Kajal Tejwani's earliest brush with fashion design happened when she was gifted her first Barbie doll. Where most kids would start combing Barbie's hair or playing make-believe, Kajal went straight to work, ripping off parts of the doll's dress, and re-arranging them until she was happy with the result. Needless to say, the doll was transformed. And so was Kajal!

That was just the beginning, as Kajal went on to study fashion at the prestigious Sophia College in Mumbai, even winning a few awards along the way. But it was only after college, while working at UK Exports and then under designer Ana Singh, that Kajal really began to grasp the nuances of fashion design and production. It was also during those years that she became confident enough in her design abilities to start her very own label back in Pune.

Today, just three years later, everyone who's anyone in Pune wears the clothes she makes. Visit any of Pune's fine party spots, and you'll almost definitely spot Kajal's creations being worn by the hottest people there.

Her enviable success can be attributed to her natural eye for fashion and her keen awareness of a client's needs. Most times, all she needs is to spend a few minutes with a new client to assess their style and then immediately make suggestions for improvement. And her suggestions always go beyond just the clothes, to their entire image. Regardless of how they looked when they walked into her studio, Kajal's clients always walk out looking better, feeling fantastic and radiating confidence!

Ask her how she'd describe her style, and she'd tell you her clothes are contemporary, elegant and sexy but tasteful. A fact that is reiterated by her many satisfied customers.

Let Kajal work her magic on you, and you'll never wear anything without her approval again!